There are so many really awesomely created sites. When the internet first became widely accessible, and everyone had a bright and shiny (and often flashy) MySpace page, it was so freaking exciting. I loved logging in and tweaking this or that, making it my own. Then visiting other people's sites to see what they made. And then down the rabbit hole we'd go, finding one site after another, little places on the web where people expressed who they wanted others to see, or who they felt they truly were.

We didn't take the internet with us everywhere with our phones - constantly logged in to social media sites like the products they want us to be. Platforms made to be as addictive as possible while at the same time taking little skill or brain power to interact with - a perfect set up to choke us with the product they want us to consume. It's become so ugly. A place to be bought, to be sold, and to hate. A place to keep in touch with your best friends - instead of in person - so unlike back in the beginning, when the internet was the place you discovered new friends from far away.

So I've logged out of facebork, not using it. I'll stick to Mastodon, Diaspora and MeWe (been on MW for 5 years, it's the easiest for the less tech challenged to use if wanting to migrate from FB so I stick with it). I really want to make my site here adorable and cute and shiny, but I also want an easy way to blog. Can I do both? I'll have to look into it more and see what I can figure out. In the meantime this works fine.